If you ever travelled to Thailand or read my previous articles (Foreigner’s Guide to Thai QR Code Payments with PromptPay / How to open a bank account in Thailand: a guide for expats and tourists), you know that cash is not a king here.

I’ve got information from one of the readers of the blog working on a solution for foreigners to be able to pay by QR codes in Thailand. He was simply tired of using cash all the time and wanted to change the situation where tourists couldn’t enjoy cashless payments in Thailand.

JamJang app

An easy world of travel. There are situations in which we are stuck when we travel. There are moments where we might be hungry or thirsty when cash or credit cards are not accepted. Jam Jang come to your rescue thousands of miles away from home. You can simply snap a photo of a QR code and we will come to your rescue helping you with getting your mango sticky rice or milk tea.

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The app’s creators thought the same as owners of Airbnb or Uber. If there is no way to create a central solution, then it is good to use the power of the community. As much as it looks like Thai banks are not interested in including tourists in QR code payments. Finally, some foreigners decided to create a solution for a problem that touches every tourist in Thailand.


How the app works?
Thai users can earn a small fee for every transaction that tourists want to do through the QR system. From the tourist side, a person needs to pay this fee and needs to wait for a Thai person to pay for it. After testing the app it was not instant, but was pretty quick. Also got payment confirmation every time.


jam jang app


I feel pretty excited about this app and waiting for new functionalities and updates. If you also would like to try the JamJang app, check in the app store and Google Play.

PS. If you use my referral code on registration – “dam5643” – you will get 100 THB to your account.


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