The iDEAL is a Dutch online payment system. It is the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands. Not every shop/service in the Netherlands allow to pay by credit card, but almost every service allows to pay by iDEAL. Quite often it is possible to pay for government services (like water or trash tax). Additionally ex. train NS subscription you can pay only this way.

How to pay by iDEAL?

The iDEAL is mostly a QR code, when you want to pay for something online you can choose iDEAL and later your bank. After these steps you can see a QR code, that you need to scan in your bank app (on your smartphone), last step is to confirm payment in the bank app. Payment is instant.

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Why do Dutch people don’t use credit cards for online payments?

I would recommend reading my previous article about Dutch Maestro cards. In brief, the only generally accepted cards in the Netherlands are Maestro cards, these cards do not allow to pay online, so Dutch banks needed to create a system that allows easy online payment.

Which banks have iDEAL?

If you want to use iDEAL you need to have a Dutch bank account. Good thing is that most banks in the Netherlands allow using of this payment method. Check: How to open a bank account in the Netherlands: a guide for expats.

Video about banking in the Netherlands

Because many people are interested in information about banking in the Netherlands, I have recorded a video about the topic.

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